Spot and Cross Exchange Rates, business and finance homework help

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Prepare answers to each of the questions and application problems indicated below. Your response should include a statement of the problem or question along with your answer and narrative analysis as needed. For the Internet/Excel Exercise you will go to the Bloomberg Web site for quotations in foreign exchange markets. The link is located in your resources.

In your International Financial Management textbook, complete the following:

  • “Small Business Dilemma, Assessment of Prevailing Spot and Forward Rates by the Sports Export Company,” pages 253–254.
  • “Internet/Excel Exercise” on exchange rates between the Canadian dollar and Japanese yen, page 254.

In all cases where numeric solutions are expected, provide full documentation of the process used to reach the solution, using Excel to provide computational details.

Where analysis is expected, use information from the textbook to inform your analysis—not replace it—incorporating creativity, critical thinking, and real-life perspectives. Cite all resource materials used in your response with APA (6th edition) style and format.

A thorough, professional presentation of your analysis and results is an important consideration. Enhance your presentation skills by using applicable tools, such as tables, graphs, diagrams, and commentary as appropriate in all assignments in this course.