sport fundraising proposal unit 1

For this assignment, you will write a proposal for a sport fundraising campaign/event. You should not base your plan on

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an existing event, but you may use an existing campaign/event as a guide; you must be creative with the name and event

type. In addition, the campaign/event must support a sport program’s cause. You may use any of the ideas suggested in

the textbook. If you use the textbook, make sure to cite it as a reference, along with any other sources you may use. This

proposal will be the foundation for the sport fundraising plan that you will be building throughout the course.

Your proposal should be a minimum of two pages in length. Use APA format, and include a title page and a reference

page. The title page and reference page will not count toward meeting the two-page minimum requirement.

Submit a proposal for what your fundraising event/campaign will be for this course. The following areas should be

addressed in your proposal:

 name of campaign/event,

 location of campaign/event,

 potential dates for the campaign/event,

 potential fundraising goal for the campaign/event,

 direct beneficiaries of the campaign/event, and

 purpose/background of this event and the reason why you chose this campaign/event.

You should also consider the following when writing your proposal:

 All items above should be included and thoroughly developed.

 Ideas should be arranged logically and clearly and should be in support of the proposed campaign/event.

 Analysis should be insightful with strong arguments that apply course concepts.

 Your writing should be clear and concise with excellent use of grammar, spelling, and punctuation.

 You should use APA format for all of your work.

 Opinions can be included; however, first person should not be used.