sociology in families

Please select one question from the list below. This will be your topic for your position essay. Begin first with your textbook and then expand your search for info into other areas. Be sure to include all the sources you cite in your paper. Minimum essay length is 1 page…max is 3. Submit your essay on blackboard by clicking on the “Final exam position paper” title/link. You can copy and paste or upload your work. Note that the due time is 7:00pm on the 10th….not end of day!

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1. Covenant marriage; South Carolina is considering implementing this as law and wants your researched opinion as to the effects and possible issues involved with such a law. Would it strengthen marriages?

2. Mandatory implementation of Levinger’s model of Divorce Decisions which would be utilized before any divorce proceeding in South Carolina. If upon “further review” it is determined by an outside panel of experts and the couple that divorce is not in the best interest of all involved a moratorium on the divorce would be enforced. A “cooling off” period while each person perhaps gets individual therapy. Discuss the model along with why or why not you would support such a rule.

3. Hyperparenting and the concerted cultivation parenting models should be taught in schools and prior to anyone having children. Licensing would be one way to track parenting education for tax purposes. In fact, South Carolina is considering tax breaks for parents who agree to use this style. Is this something that you would support? Do you think there are far to many parents who don’t have a clue about how to parent?

4. The Pornification and cyberadultry effect on relationships. The openess and assertiveness now available to women has created a more equal and better relationship between men and women. Has it?