Sociology and Meteorology discussions, writing homework help

Readings are attached below, 250-500 words in length one each topic

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Discussion1: Body Ritual Among the Nacirema
Who are the Nacirema? What do you think was Horace Miner’s intention in writing this piece? What can we learn about culture from reading about the Nacirema?

Discussion 2: We Are All Bystanders
In their article entitled “We Are All Bystanders” Keltner and Marsh explain delve into why it is that sometimes, good people do nothing when bad things happen. What things contribute to the “bystander effect?” Have you ever been a bystander or a victim of the bystander effect? Explain.
Please respond to the other students’ posts. I have copied the text below. It does not have to be as long as the discussions, but please respond it include your opinions and just write as much as possible.

Respond 1:
There is not much information or knowledge of origin of the Nacireman people, but they are Northern American who live in the middle of Canadian Creel the Yaqui and Tarahumare of Mexico. Horace Miner’s writing illustrates the Nacirema culture. He describes their beliefs, their rituals, their willingness and devotion. I think Miner’s intention on writing this piece was to show how different cultures can be. To me it seems outrageous and ignorant for the people to give gifts to the medicine men even after their practice are not working. (the holy-mouth men continue to do while their clients teeth keep decaying.)

As I see the differences of the Nacirema culture to American culture, there are some similarities I noticed. He states, ” There are ritual fasts to make fat people thin and ceremonial feasts to make thin people fat. Still other rites are used to make women’s breasts larger if they are small, and smaller if they are large.” ( Horace Miner 4) American culture we are fascinated with our bodies as well and if we can afford it would go to great lengths to get “the perfect body”. Many people get plastic surgery even after knowing the recovery will be painful just how the Nacirema would go through these painful rituals. We get breast reductions and breast augmentations just like the Nacirema society. I have learned that even though there are major differences in culture you can still find similarities that give you insight which can open your mind and think that maybe their culture isn’t as “outrageous” as you first thought. You build an understanding and appreciation of the differences instead of being quick to judge.

Respond 2:
I think the contributions to the bystander effect are sacred and lack of  the awareness of emergency. According to the study, when people are in a group, they are less likely to help. And research goes further to state that with each person, individual feel less inclined to take actions. In the real society, many people would not like to help wounded people because they will frame a case against the person who want to help them. Therefore, because of a variety of reasons, many people would not like to help in public area.

Taking my own experience as an example, last summer, I was on a trip by bike riding. I was not clear about the roadmap while I was riding bike. As consequence, I fell over myself and no one helped me until I stood up by myself. This situation was like bystander effect. Even if stranger were around me and saw me, they still did not want to help me because no one did actions, and finally, no one helped me at the end.

2 Discussions:
(Please write 2 discussions follow the instruction below, at least 200 words )

For credit each week, you will be graded on participating in a “Discussions” forum where you will start threads and/or reply to discussions already started. Your discussion choices can be related to anything focused on Earth Science. Examples of the most popular post types are:

  1. Current happenings in the news;
  2. A documentary watched;
  3. A topic brought up in lecture

You can discuss anything you wish to discuss, so long as the topics you choose are focused on the earth sciences, and not the biological sciences. Pure biological science posts, including marine biology, are considered off-topic unless the focus of the post is still Earth Sciences. A good rule of thumb is if you are tempted to title your discussion something regarding a life form, it’s probably not going to get credit for you in the discussion. However, you can always check with me before posting if you want to make sure your new topic will count for credit.

Please respond to the other students’ posts. I have copied the text below. Please respond it include your opinions and write as much as possible. at least 150 words

Respond 1:

The US has been affected by the frequent hailstorms. However, in this coming year hailstorms will not be the same as before. Hailstorms might become less frequent but more damageable because of climate change. As climate arises, the US will be suffered by lack of rain, and sometimes it rains, it tends to be heavier that can destroy human beings and buildings. Those severe hailstorms might cause billion-dollar disasters in a city within few years, and those disasters will be bigger and bigger.
Those severe hailstorms will make people spend a billion dollar to clean up disasters, and there will be many casualties too. To prevent this severe hailstorm what can people do?

Respond 2:

Have you ever experienced an earthquake?

I am from Taiwan, Taiwan lies on the boundary between the Eurasian Plate and the Philippine Sea plate, which means we have a lot of earthquakes every year, some may cause damages very seriously. Make all the Taiwanese impressive’s one is the one happened on September 21, 1999, at 1:47 am, it killed more than 2,400 people, destroyed or damaged thousands of building and left an estimated 100,000 people homeless.

Earthquakes are the catastrophic phenomenon caused by abrupt shifts in the earth’s rock along fault lines, there is no way to prevent these occurrences, but we can try to minimize the damage, for example, better structures, and also prepared for the emergency bags, flashlight, etc…

Anyone had experienced earthquakes???