sociological imagination, sociology homework help

For the Unit I Assignment, you will be writing responses to questions on concepts you learned in this unit reading

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(sociological imagination, sociological perspectives, and research design) based on your decision to attend Columbia

Southern University.

For this assignment, complete both Part A and Part B as follows:

Part A:

Apply the concept of sociological imagination while answering the following question. What are at least two specific groups

that you belong to (family, race, age, gender, ethnicity, class, level of education, work, etc.) that influenced your choice to

pursue a degree at Columbia Southern University.

Describe how relevant the functionalist view, conflict view, and interactionist view were in making your choice to attend

college? Please make sure to address all three of these sociological views in your assignment. Hint: pp. 15-16 and 21 of

the textbook explain the three different sociological views and p. 16 in the SOC THINK box provides specific questions

students can use to apply the three sociological views to their choice to attend college.

Part B:

Imagine you are a sociological researcher studying academic dishonesty at Columbia Southern University. Identify at least

one research question you would address. What type of sociological research design method that recognizes patterns of

behavior would you use to study academic dishonesty at Columbia Southern University? Identify and explain at least one

advantage and one disadvantage of the research method type you chose.

For this assignment, ensure you follow the requirements below:

1. Answer ALL questions listed in both Part A and Part B of your essay.

2. Please answer the response questions in essay style format. You will not rewrite each question and answer it. You

will create an essay that addresses the response questions.

3. Use sociological terms and concepts from the textbook reading in your essay to demonstrate you understand and can

apply the concepts.

4. Cite the textbook at least one time in the assignment. The essay should contain one or more APA style in-text

citations showing how the course textbook was used. Other sources may be used in addition to the textbook. An APA

style reference list containing the textbook and any other sources cited in the essay is also required. The following

tutorial from CSU’s Writing Center on in-text citations is a great helpful resource. Click on the link to view this tutorial:…

The assignment should be a minimum of two pages and should use the following APA style components: APA style title

page, double-spaced, 1-inch margins, and 12-point font.