Social-Psychological and Medical/Physiological Perspectives of Alcohol

Social-Psychological and Medical/Physiological Perspectives of Alcohol Use to follow-on with the topic and substance of your essay (which addressed “Cultural and Psychological Factors In Alcohol Use.”

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– This research project includes alcohol use that encompasses all variables of alcohol use in one’s life.

Your research project will focus on the inner dynamics of the self as in physiological-brain elementsthat affect thinking and behavior — in addition to cultural, environmental and psychological factors (that you may USE from your short essay).

– – Please include any prevention, counseling and or treatment of any kind that you believe would help with alcohol problems — that MAY include medication.

– – The following instructions apply:

– A minimum of a, Six (6) full page Research Project: Your Research Project must include the following:

(1) Short background statement or abstract

(2) a main body (narrative)

(3) Short summary with a conclusion