Social Justice Issue Policy Paper

*Attached is a template on how to exactly do this assignment.

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*Paper must be 3-5 pages

*Paper must be in proper APA and must include in-text citations and have a reference page with at least 3 references. One may be textbook NASW.

*For references please make sure they are scholarly or peer reviewed and are most recent so 2013 and up.

-can use google scholar.

Guidelines for Paper

Choose a particular issue (example: human trafficking) and identify one state, one national, and one international policy or one local, state and national policy focused on this issue.

You will provide critical analysis of these polices and identify who impacted and how.

List of Issues

-Choose one of these issues and identify how the U.S. responds to it on the local, state or federal level. Identify how a country outside the U.S. responds to the same issue

*Voting Rights

*Gun Violence

*Policy Brutality

*Accommodations for people with disabilities

*Immigrants and Refugees

*Veteran Services

*Gender based violence

*Poverty/ economic inequality

*Reproductive Rights

*Access to physical and mental health care


*Racial Profiling

*Workplace discrimination

*Marriage equality

*Access to education

* Rights of those who are incarcerated

*Rights of sexual minorities

*Child Abuse


*End of life care and transition

*Death penalty