Social Discourse thoughts and writing, homework help

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Write an approximately 500 word reflection that conveys your own thoughts on the topic, very much like a Writing Journal. This is not an essay and there is no need for essay format (Intro/conclusion) but it is a Journal/ personal reflection base on contents. Some attempt to refer to course content (lectures, readings, videos) should be made which are linked below, but you need not refer to the specific source used in the prompt below for everything. You may use the personal pronoun “I”. Works citations is not need. You do not need a complex thesis, but do focus on reflecting/sharing thoughts on the prompt with some references to the links (all or some of them).


“In writing, we strive for language that will represent and articulate our thoughts—and if we are really trying, we will find time and again that language fails us.”

Consider the challenge of writing about your own life and the people and events that matter most to you. What are some of the ways we can shape and manipulate language in an attempt to make it come as close as possible to articulating our thoughts and feelings?  How does “Social Discourse” concept relate to this idea (try to make a referal to social discourse concept)? Think about Michael Ondaatje’s writing style (linked below) when responding to this prompt.  (13.5 min) Michael Ondaatje’s  (2.5 min)  Michael Ondaatje’s (4min)