Smelling Preferences

Choose one of two for response:
1. Go around your living space (you may include your vehicle if you have one). What smells are there on a daily basis? What do the smells say about you – your preferences for soap or shampoo, lotions, cooking, exercise, etc. Do you consider your smell when you leave your home? Why or why not? What does society tell us about smell?
Think also about a person (DO NOT NAME NAMES OR CALL PEOPLE OUT) that either break the societal norm or have a very particular scent that “represents” them. What does their scent say about them?
2. Go to a store that sells scents – this could be candles, perfumes, spices, incense, etc. How are various scents marketed? Smell ten scents that are considered masculine and ten scents that are considered feminine. Analyze and reflect upon why those scents are marketed in that particular way. Are there crossover scents?

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