short summaries essay

3 pages about 900-1000 words.

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Write four short summaries for the following readings:

about 250 words each.

Winters and Gould, WB Accountability in Chad (long text)

Rice, Destroying the World Bank (short article)

Stiglitz Ch3: Making Trade Fair (long text)

Blinder, The Free-Trade Paradox (short article)

Structure each summary as follows:

1) What is the reading broadly about

2) identify one example used as illustration

3) What is each authors main conclusion/recommendation

Make sure you explain your ideas

(avoid statements like “I agree with the author” without explaining why).

Format: MLA one-inch margins

– Put full bibliographical reference as title for each summary.

You will be graded on:

– How succinctly you capture the main arguments by the authors

– Organization, clarity of writing