Setting stage for Success in Classroom writing assignment

Assignment Instructions:

You will design a differentiated classroom environment plan that includes a physical layout along with pro-social strategies for encouraging positive behaviors. Each section below must be thoroughly addresed. The minimum length requirements are listed below. 

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Demographics – A brief description of your current or fictional classroom also including the following:

– grade level/subject area

– total number of students – ability levels, gender, students with special needs, english language learners (ELLs), and other relevant information

Classroom Environment – How will you use foundational concepts of differentiated instruction to design your classroom’s physical layout to meet the demographics your’ve outlined? You must include at least one scholarly, research-based article to support your design. 

Furniture arrangement – placement of students and teacher desk, computer, reading corner, library, pets, quiet zone, etc. along with architecture such as doors, windows, bathroom, sink, bulletin boards, chalk/white boards, etc. 

You must include a diagram along with a written (three to four paragraph) of how you chose this particular layout as it relates to your class demographics.

Classroom Environment – Length requirements utilizing either word doc or powerpoint 

 Word Document – 3 to 4 paragraphs                                                                                                                    Powerpoint – 3 slides

Positive Behavior Environment – How will you encourage positive behavior using proactive differentiated strategies based on current (within the last five years) research? 

  • Rules and routines that maximize success
  • Value individual differences
  • Emotionally safe environment 
  • Specific behaviors are expected (respect, listening, problem-solving…)
Positive Behavior Environment – Length requirements utilizing either word doc or powerpoint
Word Document – 6 paragraph                                                                                                                            Powerpoint – 6 slides