Serious Games Free Rice, Wolf Game & 3rd World Farmer Analysis

Your task is to explore and reflect on playing serious games.

Serious games are digital games designed mainly to promote learning instead of entertainment. Serious games can promote education, corporate training, healthcare, advertisement, business, politics, attitudinal and behavioral change, and social change. That said, it doesn’t mean serious games are almost always not fun to play given its design priority in promoting learning. Take a look at the picture on the top right and you will notice it takes content, learning theory, and also sound game design to make serious games effective in engaging learners with gameplay while inducing learning.

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Each report must be at least 300 words

Where do you start?

You should start by playing some of the serious games provided below! Don’t be fooled by the title of a game since the game may embody a hidden curriculum. Try to play thoughtfully and critically if you can.

Take a screenshot of the games you explored, paste them in a Google Doc, list two to three games that you explored, explain what the games were designed to promote, and what kind of learning/message you’ve obtained from gameplay. Submit your completed quest to the assignment dropbox.

Choose three of these games and make report and a screenshot for each game :

Serious Game Titles for you to explore:

McDonald’s Video Game

Free Rice

Wolf Quest

Playing History

Re-Mission 2

America’s Army

Quest for the Code

Against All Odds

Darfur is Dying

3rd World Farmer

Destination Love…

Grace’s Diary…

Blast off!…


Win the White House