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Background: This is an English writing class. We read a novel “The gangster we are all looking for” and wrote essay about this novel. And the other thing we learnt was some writing skills and grammar such as how to use commas, how to use apostrophes.

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Content: Write an essay of at least two pages (500 words) to look back on your progress in writing this quarter.

Review all the work you’ve done for the class. Give specific examples to show your improvements.

  • Discuss what you have learned. This might include practice in organization, analysis, development, vivid examples, construction of better sentences, proofreading, writing process, and so on.
  • Include how your writing has changed as a result of what you have learned in this class. Remember to provide specific evidence for your claims.
  • What still needs improvement? Write about what you’d still like to work on with your writing.

Please be careful with:

  • Clear organization
  • Well-developed, focused paragraphs
  • Specific examples, details
  • Well-constructed sentences
  • Correct grammar and punctuation