Select a recent or ongoing human rights issue, writing homework help

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Now you should be comfortable with foreign policy, its goals,
approaches, and the importance of human rights in world affairs. You
will use this information to evaluate foreign policy related to a human
rights issue. Imagine yourself as a staff member of the United Nations
assigned to keep ambassadors up to date on human rights issues and
government policies to address them.


  1. Select a recent or ongoing human rights issue. You may research one of the example issues from thisHuman Rights Issues List or choose one the following case studies provided for you:
  2. Learn about your issue. Carefully read the case study provided in step one, or research
    the alternative human rights issue you chose. News outlets and the
    following websites can help you learn about your issue:
    Human Rights Watch
    US Department of State
    United Nations

    Be sure to find out how the United States and other countries are attempting to address the issue.

  3. Create a policy update for the United Nations including at least three well-written paragraphs that address the following:
    • Origins–How did the human rights issue come about? Who does it affect and how? How does it affect human rights?
    • Responses–How
      is the United States government responding to the issue? How are other
      governments both inside and outside the situation responding to the
      problem? How do these responses relate to the foreign policy spectrum of
      approaches you studied in the lesson (isolationism, diplomacy,
      interventionism, imperialism)?
    • Evaluation–Are
      the efforts and policies enacted by governments and international
      organizations successful? What would you recommend be done to better
      address the human rights issue?
  4. You may submit your
    policy update as a text document or in a creative format if you prefer.
    There are many 21st-century tools available for creating and submitting
    your work in the online environment.