Scholarly Articles Response 1, writing homework help

As you reply, attempt to take the conversation further by examining their claims or arguments in more depth by agreeing/disagreeing/adding to their post in 50 words or more.

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The topic I chose to research was the benefits of red wine. I used an article on and learned that red wine is good for many things such as; lowering cholesterol and can help with heart problems. For my scholarly resource, I read an article by Lindsey Higgins and Erica Llanos called, “A healthy indulgence? Wine consumer and the health benefits of red wine”. I found the information in both articles to be similar in context because they both talked about he health aspect of things. 

One specific similarity was that They both mentioned that red wine is good for your heart and cholesterol. 

Based off what I learned, a scholarly source is most important when writing a research paper and or writing an academic assignment.

Using a popular source like a news paper might be more useful when you want to form an opinion on something and are not just trying to state facts. It can also be used when you want to gather other people’s opinions on certain topics. 

Some insights I learned about using scholarly sources in an academic is the they are much more reliable. If you are writing a research paper and want to make sure the facts are right, using a scholarly source is easier and more accurate. The write is usually unbiased because he is just staying facts.