Sales management question 7

, in sales there are many ways to compensate your sales force. What is the best means to compensate a car sales person. After you select the compensation plan, discuss why you picked your selection. discuss the advantages and disadvantages.

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Answer in couple sentences

then below agree or disagree to a given pos wihin 2-3 sentencest.>>>>> i need to know which is what.

feel that for a car sales person they should have a base salary plus the commission on the vehicle / sale. The commission on the sale should be a percentage of the profit of the vehicle. This will require some work on the financial side but the salesperson should get ?? percent of the profit of the sale ad it should build in increments. 1-10 vehicles per month equals 5 percent, 10-15 gets 10 percent and over 15 get 15 percent. The increments will promote the person to sell more and be more proactive.