sale and marketing ( task 2)

Task 2 The Customer

A customer is the one who receives a product or service from a seller, vendor, or supplier. Some form of money or other benefit changes hands. Understanding who the specific customer is will affect both marketing and selling. It is also important to communicate effectively and clearly with the customer.

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Investigate who the customer is.

  1. Work through the tutorial Understanding Exactly Who Your Customer Is
  2. Work through the tutorial Creating Buyer Personas

Read Part 2 in the ebook on:

  1. Chapter 5: Understanding Consumer Behavior
  2. Chapter 6: Understanding Organizations as Customers

What do customers want.

  1. Watch
  2. Watch 13 Short Customer Service Videos
  3. Pay attention to the issues in each video. You will need to use these in the Lesson portion this week.

Visit a store where you can observe customers and their interaction with sales staff. This should be a larger box store where you will have plenty of opportunity to observe without being intrusive. Spend a minimum of 1 hour observing. Take notes on what you observe about behavior, who the customer is, their characteristics, and any additional interesting observations. Analyze your observation notes, categorizing them. Write up a final report on the categories with specific examples.