sale and marketing (lesson 9)

Lesson 9

For your final in this course your team will put together your entire marketing strategy plan. This will include all of the parts you have completed throughout the course including:

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                          1. Who the company is
                          2. What the company produces or services provided
                          3. The mission, vision, and core values of the company
                          4. Marketing Strategy
                          5. International Marketing plan
                          6. Socially and/or environmentally responsible marketing plan
                          7. Social media and technology use in marketing and advertising campaign.
                          8. Advertising campaign

The team will put together the marketing strategy plan in an electronic version with all components.

Write a one page executive summary.

Each member of the team will submit the whole plan.

Peer Review:

Each member of the team will rate each other member on their participation in the project throughout the course, preparedness on coming to the lesson based on completed tasks, specifics on what each member contributed, level of participation, and any leadership skills that emerged during the process. See peer review document in the Important Documents site.

The peer assessment will count 20% of your final exam grade.