Instructions:You are the producer of the 6 p.m. show.You have the following content for tonight’s newscast.Put the stories in the proper order, identify their types and correctly time the rundown for the show.

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Alabama Tornados)Tornados ripped through 22 Alabama counties today.Statewide, more than 100 homes have been destroyed and dozens of people injured.The only fatalities were in Pike County.You have a 2:00 wrap up package of statewide weather stories. Your anchor lead in is 30 seconds

(Bufferson Tornado) The same or another tornado struck the Burfferson Mobile Home Plaza on the west side of Troy, destroying eight homes, killing four people and injuring four others.You have a 2:00 package. Your anchor lead in is 30 seconds

(Conference) Before the bad weather struck, a news conference had been scheduled in which Gov. Bentley, Mayor Reeves and others were to have announced a major new industry coming to Pike County.That news conference has been rescheduled for Friday.You have a: 30 copy story

(Drug Dealer) The body of a suspected drug dealer was discovered behind a building in downtown Saturday morning.Police are investigating.You have a 1-minute package following up on the story your station ran Saturday. Your anchor lead in is 30 seconds

(Troy Tornado) One tornado passed near the Troy University campus and flattened the Trojan Villas apartment complex.Miraculously, no one was killed or injured, because all of the residents were taking final exams.You have a: 40 VO video and a: 22 sound bite from a witness. Your anchor script is 45 seconds.