Role, Value, and Challenges in Vocational/Career Planning

To prepare for this Discussion:

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  • Review Chapter 8 “Designing Career Development Plans With Clients’” in the course text, focusing on career planning.
  • Think about the ways in which vocational/career counseling can emerge or consciously be employed in counseling sessions with clients.
  • Reflect on the value of a client engaging in vocational/career counseling.
  • Consider the challenges that may arise while engaging with a client in vocational/career counseling and planning.

With these thoughts in mind:

Post by Day 4 your thoughts about the role of vocational/career counseling and/or planning in working with clients. Then explain at least two ways in which engaging in the process of vocational/career counseling and/or planning might be valuable to a client. Finally, describe at least two challenges that could arise while engaging in vocational/career counseling or planning, and explain how you would address these challenges.