RFP template

In Chapter 2, complete the Contractor Selection (RFP) (Appendix 2.1, pages 63 – 65) in the Larson & Gray textbook. To complete the case, read the supporting material regarding the RFP and answer the following case questions:

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  1. Evaluate the criteria employed in the RFP template. Are these the right criteria? Is there any criteria missing that you would consider adding?
  2. Would you use this template in your place of work? Which criteria, if any, would you change?
  3. How are the weights for this template derived? Would you change any of the weights if you used this in your place of work?
  4. Who within a project organization would score the RFPs? How objective would the resulting evaluation be? What recommendations would you have to increase the objectivity of the scoring?

Save your work in a Word® document. Use terminology from your readings and cite related references using current APA format, where applicable. Review the evaluation rubric for grading criteria.