Response to below DQ

150 word minium response to below DQ APA format with 1 scholary source less than 5 years old with citation

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In response to the discussion, I agree that different factors such as the age, environmental and social factors help in determining the type of health examination that women should take. Each of the aspects is relevant to understand since they contain varying determinants of the care plan that female patients should receive. For instance, looking at the age factor, there are three phases of aging, and they are, young-old, middle-aged and the old-old. Each stage has specific health screening which patients and physicians should not assume since they help in preventing health risks that arise at different phases. Also, with a factor like racial/ethnic variations, women from minority groups are at more at risk to contract chronic illnesses like diabetes and hypertension. In such cases, Huang et al., (2014), emphasizes that the health and nutrition screening should be factored in the health exam. A physician who understands such disparities manages to develop a care plan that meets the needs of such women with the intention of promoting positive health outcomes.