Response to Audrey Howard DQ1

******* please respond to the discussion below add citations and references 🙂 ********

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“Experimental research is conducted to evaluate an experimental medication, treatment, or procedure. When performing experimental research, the independent variable is manipulated to find out the effect on the dependent variable. Randomization is also used in experimental research designs. Experimentation can take the form of trial and error. Trial and error occurs when various methods are used until the results obtained are the desired results. (Helbig, 2018)

“Non-Experimental research is research that lacks the manipulation of an independent variable, random assignment of participants to conditions or orders of conditions, or both.” (Helbig, 2018)

Non-Experimental research can be used when the hypothesis can be about a single variable. Experimental research is best used in with a statistical relationship between two variables. I would say that experiemental research requires a more controlled setting since variables are being manipulated.


Helbig, J. (2018). History and Process of Nursing Research, Evidence-Based Nursing Practice, and Quantitative and Qualitative Research Process. Retrieved June 3, 2019, from…