Resolving Business ethical challenges.

I need you to reply to this discussion. this is not an essay. 85-100 words is fine. I’ll give you an example when you are assigned.

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1.Describe the stakeholders involved in this ethical dilemma. What stake do they have in the situation?

The stakeholders in this dilemma would be everyone who is has been affected by Ahmed’s decisions. Bill, and the University also have a stake in the situation, and the authors who lost any sort of income in the piracy operation. The University’s stake in the situation is that they are also losing money in sales from Bill’s acts, and if Bill were to be caught then they will be making the decisions on what will happen to him. Ahmed’s stake in the situation is his decision on whether he wants to whistleblow on Bill, or stay quiet. Ahmed could get in trouble by the university for knowing about this operation as well.

2. Are Bill’s actions an ethical issue, a legal issue, or both? Explain your reasoning.

Bill’s actions are both an ethical issue and a legal issue. The legal issue revolves around Bill getting pirated music, movies, and books for free. Another legal aspect is Bill hacking into other student’s accounts and using their account to burn the pirated media onto CDs. Another legal issue surrounding Bill is that he is stealing from the owners of the media which he is not paying for. In the journal,Are codes of ethics useful? In Professionalism in the Information and Communication Technology Industry, “Code of Ethics guide members through ethical problems that they face in their working life, and educate them on what is acceptable and unacceptable in relation to their interaction with others.” (Weckert, 261). Bill is not acting ethical, nor caring about the consequences for Ahmed in this situation. If Ahmed were to be caught with that money from Bill then legal actions could happen for Ahmed even though he does not agree with Bill’s actions.

3. What are some of the risks Ahmed faces if he becomes a whistle-blower? What are the risks if he remains silent?

If Ahmed were to become a whistleblower he would risk his friendship with Bill, and his peers. If they were to know that he was the one who got Bill in trouble then he can face harassment from others. If he stays silent then he can become in trouble from the university if they were to find out he knew about this, or he was involved in any way. After receiving money from Bill that could place Ahmed in deeper in the situation making it seem as if he was in on the operations with Bill the whole time even though he was against it. In the text it refers to Whistleblower Protection and how in certain circumstances whistleblowers may be protected (Ferrell, p. 107, 2017). Ahmed may be able to go to the university and have his name not be brought up when the case were to be handled.