Research Paper on WW2 Technology

Research question: Did Technology give the allies the advantage in WW2?

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Thesis Statement: The superior technology gave teh advantage and mad it possible to win WW2.


You must include and effectively demonstrate the performance of all of the tasks listed below.:

Research Question, Thesis, Evidence and Inferencing (own reasoning)

  • Research Question which is clear, specific, relevant, interesting, and can be appropriately and effectively argued through research of primary and secondary sources
  • Meaningful Evidence from both primary and secondary sources (clearly supporting your subclaims and thesis)
  • A discussion in your own thoughts/words about the evidence and why you believe it supports your subclaim and main claim of your thesis (don’t say I think though)
  • 3-4 pages (about 1500 to 2000 words)
  • A demonstration of your ability to write a formal academic paper no matter the size or word length.
    • single spaced, Times New Roman or Arial font, 12 pt.
    • No personal pronouns
    • Academic language from within the domain of history
    • Transitional phrases
    • A main claim, evidence, and your own reasoning
    • a conclusion which summarizes your argument
  • All evidence and inferencing should always be attempting to PROVE YOUR THESIS!!!

Formatting and Conventions

  • Internal and External Citations from QUALITY SOURCES (**use Easybib as a guide)
  • A correctly formatted MLA works cited page at the conclusion of your paper.
  • Correctly formatted internal MLA citations (this is when you are putting the author’s name in parentheses which correlate to your external works cited)