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2: Research on Children

Step 1: Outline an Approach to Research on Children

Lesson 2 contains detailed information about research
practices that can be applied when working with children. There are a number of
ethical considerations that we must address when conducting research that
includes children as well.

The goal of this discussion post is for you to use knowledge
gained in Lesson 2 content to develop your own approach to conducting research
that includes children.

Your discussion post should include all of the following
parts: First, write down a question that you would like to answer through the
research process. What are you interested in learning about child development?
You might ask a question like—“How do children socialize during snack time?” or
“How does the teacher interact with male vs. female children?” Begin your post
with your research question.

Then think about the research cycle, considerations when
selecting samples and participants, potential research designs, and ways to
gather data. With these components in mind—the cycle, sampling, design, and
data gathering—develop an outline that reflects an approach that you could take
to answer your research question. For this part of the post, answer the
following questions:

  1. What
    will the research cycle look like in this study?
  2. How
    will you sample (and why this way)?
  3. How
    will you design your study (and why this way)?
  4. How
    will you gather data (and why this way)?

Finally, discuss important ethical considerations that you
must address in the study that you outlined. How will you address these ethical

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