​ Research Final

Using the feedback you received, you will complete your final research paper.You will also add additional content to the subheadings (body) of your research.Your work must clearly show revisions and additions or you may be asked to revise and resubmit your final research paper. You must meet the following requirements:

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Your paper should range from 8-10 pages.

The paper should have 8-10 peer-reviewed references.

Your paper must combine information from two different disciplines.

Your paper should be written in third person and past tense.

Your paper must be in APA format.

Criteria for the Research Final:

Title – not just a topic name – should capture the research problem and tell the reader what the research investigates

Introduction – 1-2 paragraphs – gives your reader adequate background information and includes your main thesis statement

Problem Statement – 1 paragraph – describes the overarching problem to include your main (supported) problem statement

Purpose Statement – 1 paragraph – describes the intent of the research to include your main purpose statement

Research Questions – include your research question(s)

Study Significance – 1 paragraph describes the importance of the study to include your main significance statement

(3-5) Subheadings – Include topic sentences that describe what is covered under each subheading (the subheadings make up the main research body)

Discussion – Present your results to include the answer to your research question(s)

Conclusion – 1 paragraph to summarize the key points to include a rephrasing of your thesis statement

References – 8-10 peer-reviewed sources