​Research and create a business plan and a website

Research and create a business plan and a website (you can use Wix.com) for a new Latin/Spanish language TV Station or a new Latin Cafe/Restaurant to operate out of Florida, with an expansionist vision (Nation and Worldwide).

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Mini website that will include the components of your firm.

One Word document with your business plan – 10 pages Min

All type must be double spaced.

Your paper must include a title page

Paragraph indentations are required.

Citations in the written text of the work and references at the end of the paper.

References must contain a hanging indentation which is the first line is set flush left and the second and subsequent lines are indented 5 spaces.

Type font must be either Arial or Times New Roman 12 Pt.

All pages must be numbered to top flush right.

How will the company differentiate its product? What is the company’s Mission and Vision?

List how many competitors are powerful and with which competitors will your company compete against, and how? List the areas of competition.

Develop this Business Plan, by approaching a strategy that Incorporates Business Principles learned in class, to further your vision… Be creative…