Remediation assignment

I need the assignment to be talking about information system which my point is talking about (what could happen if information system disappears). please I need the essay to be done with basic writing not to professional.

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specific detail for the assignment:

You are required to remediate – that is, translate from one medium (writing) into another medium (image, audio, advertisement, cartoon, drama, etc.) – the point of your essay.

You can boil your point down to an advertisement, you can work it into a slogan, you can have one single unifying representation which says all your thousands of words. You can use words, images, sounds, some combination of all three or two. Draw a picture, take a photo, compose a song, stack up a poem, dash out a short story, collage a meaningful expression, assemble a power point, illustrate a cartoon, draft a monologue, record a performance of your own interpretive dance – it’s up to you.

All media must be original.

Post to your Google folder your remediation, as well as a reflective, written explanation behind the decisions you made concerning the choice of remediation. This reflection should chronicle the steps you made to remediate your point, the difficult decisions which went into the new presentation, the steps you made in translation. This reflection could discuss numerous topics relevant to your remediation, such as the limitations of the media you used, the sorts of equipment used or needed, comparisons to other works, events, decision, possible avenues of distribution for your remediation, you get the idea etc.

Between the remediation and the written reflection, 792 words should be found. Essentially, should you decide to boil your point down to a dot, a single color, a very, very simple thing, you have some explaining to do that that is an effective remediation of your point.