REL 212 World Religions Week 1 Discussion 1

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“Understanding Religions and Indigenous Sacred Ways”  Using information from the Instructor’s Insights please respond to the following:

  • What is your initial, personal definition of religion? Now, what was Fisher’s definition or what is “religion” as defined in a dictionary or encyclopedia? What differences are there between your definition and an official definition?
  • Describe one definition of religion from the list of websites in the Instructor’s Insights.
  • Does indigenous religion “fit” into the definition of religion?
  • Describe at least one aspect of indigenous religions that exists in a similar form in a traditional mainstream religion.
  • Instructors Insights

    Reliable Religion Websites

    Not all religion websites are objective in their perspectives. For this class be careful what sites you look up. Also, be aware of biased websites. Example: if you are looking up Hinduism understand that a website that is about Christian beliefs may not be appropriate for finding unbiased information on Hinduism. I’ll be checking websites on your World View Charts so use good ones!

    Here are some of the more reliable websites: