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The paper is 10% from the class grade. I will submit this on Monday. I want high and hard work on it please. The paper should be 5-6 full pages. I hope you follow the instructions:

  • First of all choose your own title for the paper.
  • First paragraph talk about why I take this class and should to write about the professor ” name and class name and #”. The answer is: I took this class to cover core 13 is one of the university requirements. Professor name: Mr. Wali Gill. He is old man. He is nice man. I encountered some difficulties at the beginning. Like he doesn’t use the university blackboard. And he has three presentations in the class during I don’t like to present because I’m very shy. But I learn from him a lot. His class made me more confident and left the shy side. and when I asked him in the first class about the blackboard he just said that” I don’t use tha if I want to say something I will tell you in the class or write the comment in the papers. In that way Communication with him was very easy and direct. ( I hope you write about that in the paper and use your way and words)Class name: Education 203.
  • Second paragraph and after: should talk about the class assignments one by one and write what we learn from each one. Look to the attached.
  • Here the assignments name:
  • 1- who I am essay
  • 2- Mulatto Book reflections paper
  • 3- film: The shadow of hate paper
  • 4- film: the boys of baraka paper
  • 5- presentation Children’s Literature Evaluation.
  • 6- otherness Presentation
  • 7- Leap book paper
  • 8- Feminism and gender reflection card
  • 9- news paper article reflection card
  • 10- film: Miss representation
  • Last paragraph: summary about the course.
    I hope you understand what I need in the papers. Find the attached. I WILL POST 10 PDF files about each assignment. About the class name I will send to you later the syllabus first page.