Reflection on the Minneapolis Domestic Violence Experiment, law homework help

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Through a grant from the National Institute of Justice, the Police Foundation and the Minneapolis Police Department partnered to study police response to domestic violence calls. The study was called the “Minneapolis Domestic Violence Experiment.”  The primary research question was: 

If the goal of the police is to reduce the reoccurrence of domestic violence, what is the best way to respond to achieve this goal? 

Access the article here:

Link to article.

Read the article and respond to the following questions in 1-2 page paper. Include citation to support your answers.

  1. Summarize the research design. What were some of the problems the researchers encountered?
  2. Discuss 3 aspects of the results you believe are the most interesting. 
  3. In the Conclusions and Policy Implications section, which 2 factors (of the 4) do you believe have the most impact on the validity of the study and why?
  4. Summarize the impact of the experiment.