refective essay

no summary… summary

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– focus on reading and criticise it.

8 article from adam’s book.

2 article from Mitchel’s book.

– Prefer also to citate from outside sourses.

– it should ideas from each reading above.

– Title: System of Oppression: Hetrosexisim

Adams et al.: Section 5 Readings: 77, 78,79, 80, 82, 83, 84, 85

Mitchell et al.: Ch 7, 16

  • Your essays should be approximately 800 words, refrence pages and cover pages not counted in 750 words.
  • -Your reflective essays will be evaluated on your level of reflective thinking, depth of critical engagement with the material, complexity of self-reflexivity, and demonstration of personal and intellectual risk-taking. Your journal entries should be both reactive and responsive to some aspect of the week’s readings, make connections to your own personal experiences, and show how you are evolving in your thinking about diversity, multiculturalism, power, privilege, and social justice, and various social identities. I expect your essays to follow proper APA style and formatting, including use of citations and references; these are not informal, colloquial essays, and as such should not be written as if you are sending an email or text to your BBF.
  • -I have attached from two books
  • please citate the author name and page number in text citation.
  • Focus on two article
  • how LGBT hurt every one.
  • Ally.