Recommendation Letter for international students

I am international student, and I am taking

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Course Description:

Perspectives of rhetoric and public speaking, investigating contemporary American experiences, delivering and critiquing speeches.

Course Objectives; Gen Ed IIB3:

● Gain an understanding of the process of human communication.

● Increase proficiency and confidence in public speaking situations.

● Improve proficiency in both listening and the critical evaluation of messages.

● Augment practical research capabilities.

● Understand, structure and analyze the components of persuasive messages.

Course Requirements:

The course will consist of readings, lectures, assignments and the preparation, presentation, and critiquing of speeches.There will be brief impromptu speeches as well as four formally prepared speeches of varying length.

and we did during the semester:

Speech 1 is a commemorative speech – dedication (fictional character)

1.5 – 2 min.

Speech 2 is a commemorative speech – eulogy (fictional character’s nemesis)

2-2.5 min.

Speech 3 is an informative speech (visual aid required)

3-3.5 min.

Speech 4 is a persuasive speech (visual aid required)

3.5-4 min.

my Question is( the professor asked us for final Exam that “I need two paragraphs recommendation letter for upcoming international students who want take this class. and how that class impact on my speech and made me more confident and succeed in speech” I will read that two paragraphs so make sure that you use simple words )