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A common problem that faces hotels frequently today is a decline in customer service quality due to maintenance issues. Maintenance issues can include anything from preventive room maintenance, preventive equipment maintenance, routine repairs based on work-orders, and emergencies. Preventative room maintenance includes checking lamps and light switches, televisions, heat pumps, and air conditioning filters in rooms, etc. Preventative equipment maintenance is checking tools and equipment that is used to make repairs in guest rooms. Work orders are placed when a hotel guest or employee lets the engineering team know that something needs to be fixed. Maintenance for emergencies could be for a room that flooded because the bathtub was left running or the shower leaked. While these seem to be basic rectifications that every hotel just keeps up with as time goes on, they can significantly hinder a guest’s perception of the hotel and therefore negatively impact the quality of service provided by the hotel.

Guests staying in a hotel expect maintenance to be kept up with. Nobody expects to walk into a suite, flick on the light switch, and not have the light turn on. When these things happen, regardless of the customer service efforts of employees, the guest has a negative connotation of the hotel. Service recovery, of course, is always possible if the guest places a work-order for the engineering team, but it still creates an inconvenience. An even greater problem could also arise if one guest does not report the maintenance issue. They could check out of the hotel without saying anything and the problem does not get resolved. Depending on what the issue is, it could get worse with time and be significantly more apparent to the next person staying in that room. By keeping on track with preventative maintenance, the hotel’s fees for maintenance and engineering costs overall can be much lower. By using the 8D or Eight-Discipline model of problem-solving methodology, we can pinpoint the root cause of maintenance issues and how to prevent them from creating difficult situations regarding guest service in hotels.

After defining the problem, the team may need to come up with a temporary fix. The surface-level issue is that many guests have some sort of maintenance complaint. Whether it be temperature control, lights, water, clocks, Wi-Fi, TV, or even doors and electronic locks. A temporary fix for these is to move guests to another room or immediately send an engineer to address the issue if another room is unavailable. This is where the problem begins to escalate, when the guest has to wait for the issue to be resolved- they are inconvenienced and over time only get more frustrated. The maintenance staff needs to look at these issues as a top priority when they occur. The department needs to track the underlying issue of continual break downs and guest complaints for these maintenance issues.

The Root Cause of this problem may be difficult to determine because equipment in is never predictable twenty-four seven. It would be difficult to know that mechanical assets are having problems until the guests notices it. But the root cause needs to be somewhat targeted and addressed. The hotel could begin losing revenue because guests want a refund, or their reviews make other potential customers less likely to stay. There are two potential structural causes that could be affecting these maintenance issue occurrences. One is that equipment and machines are out of date and need to be replaced. This is an easy fix for a hotel and if it is within the budget, then they need to pay to have certain equipment upgraded. This will be much safer for guests and employees in the long run. Another potential cause is that the maintenance team is not being properly trained on how often equipment needs to be checked and is not checking the status regularly.

The hotel understands that these problems are occurring because they receive multiple work orders and reports of guest complaints almost daily. After looking at the potential causes, the hotel can determine that the root cause is that the maintenance department has a lack of organizational structure. Management is not training employees on how to inspect and properly repair equipment. This is why everything is breaking down and guests are complaining. Organizing the department and training the employees on how to use new equipment, repair equipment properly, and do routine inspections can ensure that maintenance issues will occur much less often. The guests’ experience will be improved and the hotel can begin to operate properly. People do not realize how essential the maintenance department is to a hotel and if it is disorganized then the hotel will not be able to succeed. Since the root cause has been identified, the team can go on to take corrective action.