Recent advances in genomic DNA sequencing of microbial species from single cells

The presentation will include:

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1.An overview of the article.

2.A Discussion of the purpose and content of the article topic and its usefulness in the genome assembly and annotation process.

3.A clear strategy used for the successful completion of a part of the genome assembly and annotation process.

A question and answer period will then follow each presentation.

Organization presents information in a logical, creative and interesting sequence that audiencecan follow

Critical Thinking Decision-making and analysis are clearly made with no ambiguity; student’sthinking shows impeccable coherence and logic

Hypothesis is well stated and substantiated. Dependent and independent variables are clearly identified.

Method Procedures are outlined in a completely logical fashion. Control and experimental groups are clearly identified.

Visual Aids Diagrams and/or graphs explain and reinforce the research and are neatly and correctly labeled