RE: SOCW6361 – Small Group Discussion: Policy Agendas response to 1 student (WK5)

Response to Jacquelyn (be deatiled in response use subheading and 2 APA reference)

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Many social issues do not receive the necessary attention from decisions makers. Why might these issues be cast aside?

Some issues are ignored or defer because they would embroil the agency in conflict. Also, some feel that if an issue doesn’t stand a chance of success they will not invest their limited time with it (Jansson, 2018).

Some issues lack sufficient support to ensure that they are added to decision-makers’ agendas. Why might this be?

Policy advocates often have to ponder how to “frame” issues so that other persons are more likely to take them seriously, in this manner, terminology is very important when describing problems. Also, policy advocates need to demonstrate that a problem is not hopeless and can be ameliorated (Jansson, 2018).

Some issues receive significant attention from decision makers. Why might these issues easily find their way onto decision makers’ agendas?

Resource Management plays a big part in today’s tough economic times, greater competition exists among advocacy organizations for fiscal support. As a result, social work organizations are challenged with making a stronger, more creative, and more persuasive case. These entities seek donations from individuals, businesses, other interest groups, and so on (Edwards, & Hoefer, 2010). In addition to monetary resources, organizations also need political capital. Petition drives provide a way to demonstrate the political support of an organization (Miller, 2009). Such an approach is effective in persuading policy makers that their position on an issue could affect their chances for re-election (Edwards, & Hoefer, 2010).


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