Purpose, Tone, and Ambiguity in Writing

Please select a text for deeper analysis. You may use the same piece
you selected for Lesson 1 or you may choose another one. Some helpful
resources include:

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After you select your text, answer each of the following questions.

    • Identify the purpose of the text. In 1-2 paragraphs, provide
      a clear description of the purpose and relevant examples of why you
      identified it as such.
    • What tone (or tones) does this text have?
    • Do you think the tone might vary depending upon the reader or viewer’s position on the issue?
    • Provide specific examples to support your choice of tone.
    • Chapter four in your textbook discusses the five ways to address
      problematic vagueness or problematic ambiguity. Critical readers will
      always encounter moments of vagueness or ambiguity that could be
      misleading or otherwise problematic. What did you see? Which of these
      five would be most helpful in fixing the vagueness or ambiguity in the
      text selected? How might you fix it? Again, please be specific!

Your work will be assessed by the following criteria:


Max. Points available

Content: The student identifies the tone,

possible changes depending on viewer’s position, and specific examples

that support his/her choice of tone. An example of vagueness and/or

ambiguity is identified along with an example of how to fix it. The

student uses specific examples to shape the discussion.


Analysis: In shaping his/her response, the

student applies vocabulary from the lesson correctly and clearly

identifies the author’s primary purpose and any bias that may be present

in the text.


Grammar/Mechanics: The assignment has been proofread and spellchecked prior to submission. There are no errors that impede comprehension.


Total Possible Points