Puppetry in Television – Research

You will be researching additional information on either the puppetry examples from “Puppetry in Entertainment” or “Puppetry in Children’s Television”. You can also choose to research a different puppetry in television example from early or contemporary TV that wasn’t discussed in either lecture.There are many, many more to choose. (Example- Barney, Zoboomafoo, Spitting Image, Dinosaurs) As this is a research assignment, include at least 200 words for your post. Add your sources(At least 3 sources). Video or pictures will add to the content. Also, share the reason you chose that particular subject to research. (Example- childhood memory, connection to your interests or studies, funny, etc.) Remember to add replies to other posts.

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NOTE: For this assignment you have the option of watching the movie that was out recently, “Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood” with Tom Hanks. This movie is about the impact Fred Rogers had and is one of the best films I have ever seen about him. It was very moving and really made me think about what is important. For this research post, comment and include specific references about parts of the movie that addressed the puppetry uses. Check your local listings. You will also get extra credit if you scene shot your ticket!