public health implementation

Throughout this course, you have completed components of your Final Project. Initiating research to address a health issue as well as considering how to design, plan, and implement a health education program to address this health issue are important skills for a health educator. While in practice many of the considerations central to the needs of addressing a health issue in a population will not be so straightforward, your practical application of the concepts as they relate to health education will help prepare you for your current or future role as a health educator.

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For this Assignment, review the Point Mar Case Study

Point Mar Case Study
Congratulations! You have been hired by the Vista County Health Department as their
new health educator. This county has never had a health educator and is only minimally
staffed with three public health nurses, a sanitarian, two community health workers and
a physician health officer who all occupy the small public health department to which
you are assigned. Your resources are limited as this is a relatively poor county
economically. Your public health department is located along the Pacific coast in the
southern part of the state. The county has an overall population of approximately
100,000 with the main population center located in the port city of Point Mar.
Point Mar has a population of 37,500 while the other five towns in the county have
populations ranging from 2,000 to 9,300 and, in addition, there are scattered pockets of
people living in many unincorporated areas of the county who are involved in a variety
of economic pursuits. The principle sources of income for Vista County are derived from
agriculture, commercial shipping, fishing, tourism, and small to medium businesses. The
population of Vista County is 43% Caucasian, 33% Hispanic, 12% Asian/Pacific
Islander, 10% African American, and 2% American Indian. There has been a recent
influx of Southeast Asians into Point Mar and there is a regular Latino migrant farm
worker population employed in the County’s agricultural areas.
In general, the road systems are adequate to connect all the towns in the county. The
distances between towns range from 8–20 miles and all towns and most outlying areas
have telephone, electricity, sanitation, and water services. In addition, there are two
major newspapers, three radio stations, and one cable television station serving the
county. Of these, one newspaper, one radio station, and the cable TV station are
located in Point Mar. There are three high schools, four middle schools, and five
elementary schools in the county with one-third of the children in the county being
bussed into these schools. There are three hospitals in the county with two of these
(Vista County Hospital and San Sebastian Regional Medical Center) located in Point
Mar. There are also ambulance services, fire and police services, and other
governmental agencies serving the entire county.
Based on your needs assessment you have identified five potential health issues in the
Point Mar community. These include:
 Periodic outbreaks of food poisoning among the fast food restaurants serving the
beach recreational areas of Point Mar
 Increasing levels of childhood obesity associated with adult onset type II diabetes
 An increase in TB among Asian immigrants that have moved to the area
 An increase in Chlamydia infections among teens in the community
 High job-related accident rates among Latino dock workers at the port
 An increase in accident rates associated with falls among seniors in the
provided in this week’s Learning Resources.

Reflect on Instructor feedback from Week 8 and consider revisions to your proposed health education strategies/methodologies for your selected health issue.(((**assignment*** app 8** attached file***Explain which evidence-based and appropriate health education strategies/methodologies you would select for your health education program and why. Be sure to include peer-reviewed journal articles that establish the evidence-based research for your health education strategies and or methodologies that you select)))))))

  • Explain how the role of the health educator may vary based on the strategies/methodologies you selected. Be specific and provide examples

Note: In grading this Assignment, your Instructor uses the Final Project Components Rubric, located in the Course Information area. Review the Rubric prior to completing your Assignment.

The Assignment: (5–6 pages)

  • Briefly describe the health issue that you selected in Week 2. (((***attached file app 2***))
  • Explain how you would revise proposed health education strategies/methodologies based on Instructor feedback.
  • Include revised implementation considerations and additional perspectives based on the data presented in the case study.
  • Describe how the areas of responsibility for health education practice will influence the strategies/methodologies that you would choose to implement.