Psychology blog entry assignment

3 page Blog Entry

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In the blog:

  • Begin with a thesis statement—this statement will take a position on your issue based on your research.
  • At least one non-scholarly source (i.e., newspaper article, youtube video, policy brief, blog, etc.)—this should be different than your psych in the news source. Be sure to briefly summarize what this source is, what information this source provides, and why it is helpful to your understanding of the issue.
  • At least two scholarly source If it is a research study, briefly describe the methods and results. Again, be sure to discuss what information this source provides and why it is helpful to your understanding of the issue.
  • What you learned from all of your portfolio assignments (i.e., psych in the news, expert interview, and your blog), taken together.
  • What the next steps are for the field based on what you have learned? For example- What is left to learn? What are the gaps in the field? What is currently being done? What are some next steps that you suggest?
  • End with a concluding statement that recaps what your thesis is.
  • Tone: Pretend you are describing your perspective on your portfolio topic to your best friend. While you should use casual/simple language, your perspective needs to be back in scientific research—do not rely on anecdotes. Your blog will use the expertise that you have gained to support your perspective on the issue.
  • Work Cited page in APA style.

All the scholarly sources and all other portfolio assignment required for this assignment (psych in the new and expert interview) are attached below.

First 3 attachments are scholarly articles and last 2 are other portfolio assignments.