Psychology 100 Paper

The paper assignment is:
(a) to address an applied challenge, that is, some challenge faced in the “real
world,” outside of university departments of psychology, by
(b) making use of information in a scientific paper that presents some
psychological science that can be used to address the challenge.
We are providing you with a list of applied challenges and associated scientific
papers from which to choose. In this document (below), you will find a list of paper
topics. You should choose one of them as your topic. Each topic on the list contains two
parts: (a) a description of an applied challenge, and (b) a reference to the scientific paper
that is relevant to that challenge. Once you choose a topic, your assignment is:
(1) to describe the theory and research presented in the scientific paper that is
listed for your topic
(2) to explain how that theory and research addresses the applied challenge,
in other words, to explain how the psychological science (the theory and research in the
paper) might help to solve the problem faced by the person in the applied challenge.
The paper you write should be 3.5-4 pages in length. That’s font size 12 (Times
New Roman), 1-inch-margins, double-spaced, and 3-4 pages of actual text that you write
yourself. (This would total roughly 1200 words of writing.) In these pages, you should
accomplish the two asks above: (1) describe the theory and research presented in the
scientific paper you read (answer questions such as: what is the main idea of the paper?
What are the main research findings supporting this idea?), and (2) explain how that
theory and research from that paper can address the applied problem (explain what the
person facing the applied challenge might do differently if they knew about the theory
and research in the paper). You should spend about an equal amount of space on each of
the two tasks; your paper thus would have about 1.5-2 pages describing the theory and
research that is presented in the relevant scientific paper, and about 1.5-2 pages
explaining how the scientific information might be used to solve the applied

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(2) Education and Student Interest
Imagine that you’re a teacher. You want to make class interesting for the students. To
this end, you try to make your reading assignments easy, try to keep projects as simple as
possible, and try to make the class fun for students by showing a lot of wacky TV shows
and cartoons during class. Yet the students seem bored. What might you be able to do
differently to enhance student interest?
Relevant scientific paper
Silvia, P. J. (2008). Interest—the curious emotion. Current Directions in Psychological
Science, 17, 57-60.