Psychological Stressors influencing Athletes’ Performance

APA Style article assignment: Psychological Stressors Influencing Athletes’ Performance

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Please use the following the outline:


  • What exactly do you want to study?
  • Purpose of study
  • Objectives/hypotheses/research questions
  • Explains why the research will be undertaken and what it aims to discover.
  • Why is study important and necessary?
    • What specific literature supports the need for more research on your topic?
    • You need three different literature sources.
  • Does the proposed study have practical significance?
    • Explain the practical significance of this research.
    • How can this research be used in a real world setting?
  • What theory are you using to support your research? (here or literature review)
    • What theories/conceptual models address topic and what do they say?
    • Why are you using the theory you selected instead of another?
    • Does proposed study contribute to previous theories or conceptual models?

      Review of Literature

  • Provide detail explanation of the specific concepts related to your topic(s).
    • Use specific literature when providing explanation.
    • What are the important factors/concepts?
    • How do you know these are important?
  • Discuss previous studies conducted on your topic
    • What previous research on topic exists?
    • What have others said about this topic?
    • Why did they research topic?
    • What did they find?
    • How did these authors research topic?
    • What population was used and why?
    • Did authors suggest need for further research?
    • What did authors conclude?
    • You should have several studies that conducted research on your topic or a similar topic/research using a measurement tool to analyze topic

      Find the relationship between Performance and Stress

  • What measurement techniques have been used to study your topic?
    • Why did you select the measurement technique you are using to study your topic?
    • Strengths and weaknesses of your technique
  • Restate the purpose of your study and research question(s).
    • Identify how your study is filling gap in existing literature.


  • Type of resources and relevance (e.g., peer-reviewed journals, books, etc)
  • Minimum of 25 references
  • APA