Promotion is the communication piece of a marketing strategy.

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How are you going to communicate your product, price, and place to your target audience?

That’s promotion.

These days, social media is a very effective way to communicate with customers – maybe.

Check out this article:

Answer questions, Write one paragraph for each question.

1) Social media is a modern electronic version of a tried-and-true promotional tool – “word of mouth.” So, how is social media like word of mouth promotion? Why are positive messages so valuable and negative messages so damaging when delivered by word of mouth or social media?

2) Do you think most small businesses could benefit from properly managed social media efforts? Why?

3) Do you think most small business owners could/should manage their own social media presence, or would it be better to hire a social media expert to do so? Why?

4) Do you think the explosive growth of the myriad social media outlets will slow down, or is social media here to stay?