procrastination / problem solving questions / human relations

150 words each with references that are online websites / online magazines, etc

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  1. Why
    do people procrastinate? Give an example of how procrastination can
    impact personal effectiveness. What are three techniques to overcome
  2. Provide
    an example of a time when you used the problem solving and decision
    making steps (the steps are: awareness of problem / identify cause of problem / find creative alternatives / weight alternatives and make choice / implement the choice / evaluate choice)
  3. What is the role of creativity in
    the problem solving process? What are three ways that you can increase
    your personal creativity?
  4. We
    have covered many topics related to human relations. Identify three
    areas related to human relations you could improve. Using what you have
    learned about setting goals, create three goals that you can use to
    increase your own human relations skills.