Primary Care Provider working in a community health center

Hello, please follow instruction. Read the scenario below and answer the foolowing questions as a discussion paper.I would like the paper to be in APA format please. I would like you to provide me with at least 6 references; they cannot be older, than 5 years. You can use some of these books, that are appropriate for the scenario for references, but you still have to provide me with 3 other references from another sources please.

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These, are the books, which I ‘am currently using.

Title:Pediatric Primary Care, (6th Ed.)

Author: Catherine E. Burns; Ardys M. Dunn; Margaret A. Brady; Nancy Barber Starr; Catherine G. Blosser


Copyright Date:2016

Publisher:Elsevier – Health Sciences Division


2) Title: Primary Care: A Collaborative Practice, (5th Ed.)

Author: Terry Mahan Buttaro; JoAnn Trybulski; Patricia Polgar-Bailey; Joanne Sandberg-Cook Edition: 5th edition, Copyright Date:2016

Publisher: Elsevier – Health Sciences Division


Title:Pocket Guide to APA Style. Author:Robert Perrin. Edition: 6th. Copyright Date: 2017

Publisher: Cengage Learning. ISBN:9781305969698

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3) Title:A Manual of Laboratory & Diagnostic Test. Author: Frances Fischbach; Marshall B. Dunning. Edition: 9th

Copyright Date: Publisher:Lippincott Williams & Wilkins


4) Title:Advanced Practice Nursing in the Care of Older Adults

Author: Laurie Kennedy-Malone; Kathleen Ryan, Fletcher; Lori Martin-Plank

Edition: 1st. Copyright Date:2014. Publisher:F. A. Davis Company. ISBN: 9780803624917

5) Title:Advanced assessment. Author:Mary Jo Goolsby; Laurie Grubbs

Edition:3rd. Copyright Date:2015-01-01. Publisher:F. A. Davis Company.


6) Title:Current Diagnosis and Treatment Pediatrics. Author:Mark Abzug; William Hay; Myron Levin; Robin Deterding. Edition:23rd. Copyright Date: 2016-01-01

Publisher:McGraw-Hill Education. ISBN:9780071848541

7) Title:Neinstein’s Adolescent and Young Adult Health Care

Author:Todd Callahan, Catherine M. Gordon, Vaughn Rickert, Debra K. Katzman, Lawrence S. Neinstein and Alain Joffe. Edition:6th. Copyright Date:2016

Publisher:Wolters Kluwer Health / Lippincott Williams & Wilkins-LWW



You are a Primary Care Provider working in a community health center. You are seeing a 14-year-old adolescent patient for an annual visit. The patient’s mother is also present during the visit and notes that the patient’s grades in school have been declining. Her son is also hanging out with a group of kids that she has concerns about. The mother has concerns for what is going on with her son. Answer the following questions using course resources (texts) and two other evidence-based sources (current guidelines and/or scholarly articles that are within a 3-5 year time frame).

  • Describe and define what the components of an annual exam are for an adolescent patient?
  • Is the mother required to be present during your exam?
  • Describe 1 health promotion idea that you would discuss with your middle adolescence patient. Why is this idea important?
  • What are some screening tools that might be of importance in this situation? (hint: do you suspect drug or alcohol abuse here?)