Preparing for Project 1: How to Mark a Book

“How to Mark a Book” & “Why Our Future Depends on Libraries” Readings and Annotation

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Due by Sunday at 11:59pm

Mortimer J. Adler wrote a great article about reading well. For this assignment, please Adler’s “How to Mark a Book.” Read it more than once! Once you have finished, please read Neil Gaiman’s “Why Our Futures Depend on Libraries.” Read it more than once, too! Highlight stuff, underline good quotes, circle some good words, make some notes!

“How to Mark a Book”

“Why Our Futures Depend on Libraries”

Once you are doing reading, please complete using what you learned from Adler this Annotation Worksheet for “Why Our Futures Depend on Libraries”.

(You can download it, type in your responses, and save your file.)