Power Point Slides/ Eating Disorders


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Develop a PowerPoint presentation for the faculty and administration of a local school dealing with the prevention of either childhood obesity (elementary school) or another eating disorder (middle or high school) of your choice. Your presentation should include:

  1. Leadership theory rationale:
    • Why is the theory you chose the best one to describe supporting individuals through the school system with eating disorders?
    • What are the specifics of the theory (use terminology from that theory) that best relate to how you will establish a connection with the school system to present this information?
    • Define the school population demographic: urban or rural; high economic standards or low economic standard; minority or majority; occupations or joblessness locally; access to media, Internet or lack of access to media, Internet; elementary, middle, or high school.
  2. PowerPoint development:
    • Twenty slides, including a title slide and at least one reference slide in APA format.
    • Minimum of five resources that are academic journals.
    • Slides must have notes on the bottom for the presenter. These notes will include information on resources you have used or quoted on the presentation slide. They will contain additional information that could not fit on the slide to explain that slide in the presentation.
  3. Culture and ethnicity:
    • Slides should contain information on specific family and cultural traditions, spirituality, dreams, and goals that are typical for this population, including past traditions that have incorporated generations of beliefs as factors.
    • Collectivism or individualism should be addressed as impacting the disorder.
    • Access to media, geographic location, level of education should be addressed as well.
  4. Legal and ethical consideration:
    • Is there access to attorney services through the school of minors?
    • Are parents informed about programs to serve their children and do they provide permission?
    • How does this information impact the school’s ability to serve the population?
  5. Communication:
    • Uses notes on slides for the presentation that include citations when needed.
    • Targets the faculty and administration of a local school for obesity or eating disorders by using terminology that they can understand and apply.
    • Uses APA citation and reference format. Title slide is APA format as well.
    • Uses bullet points and phrases on the slides. No paragraphs should appear on slides.

Remember to draft your presentation using language appropriate for your target audience and to cite all references using APA style and format.