Power Point 6

To: New Consulting Team Member

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From: CEO
Re: presentation #6

Great to see you that you liked the last presentation so much that I thought you would be perfect for this one. This client is a medium sized manufacturer and sells products worldwide. I believe that the client company’s management team needs to be motivated to change. They must do this if they are to stay competitive in the world market.

Prepare a three to maximum 5 minute video presentation script, along with a PowerPoint file to motivate your clients regarding change. Include why it is important, how it may be implemented, and what benefits may result. Be sure to focus on the concepts of change for managers and leaders. Include how they may approach change to limit risks to the organization and themselves. To support your content and avoid categorization as a threat to your supervisors, identify quality sources and provide APA references as an additional page at the end of your PowerPoint presentation. Remember this organization wants high performance.

In case you were wondering, you were chosen because you’re the best motivated individual on the staff, so don’t let us down. I am counting on you to provide motivation for our clients

Instructions for students: Overcoming Inertia (Resisting change).

Note: This assignment considers change.

Review all the details in chapter 10.


1. The PowerPoint presentation should have (a) a title, (b) a presentation objectives page, (c) three content pages, (d) a conclusion, and (e) a references slide. There is NO fixed number of slides – practice to discover how many slide would allow you to complete a quality video!

2. Prepare a three to five minute video presentation script to go along with the power point. It can be written in the presenter/speaker notes section

3. A minimum of three quality references are required.

4. References must comply with and should use small fonts (8 to 12 point font).

Attached is the power point for chapter 10 for review.