poster submission assignment 4

Here is my discussion on barriers.Based on this can u do my poster submission.Also attached the rubric.Thanks

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Picot question: Does chewing gum reduces postoperative ileus after abdominal surgery?

Intervention: Postoperative ileus is a delayed recovery from intestinal surgery. The signs and symptoms of postoperative ileus are a severe abdominal pain, nausea, and vomiting, not able to eat or drink. Chewing gum is a kind of sham feeding which stimulates early recovery of gastrointestinal function, through cephalon-vagal stimulation. I would ask all my surgery patients to chew gum for 15-20 mins after every meal starting on postoperative day 1.

Stakeholder’s: The identified stakeholders in this study are surgical patients who had different abdominal surgeries will be asked to chew gum on postoperative day 1. The other stakeholders will be their family members, nurses, pharmacist, physicians, and clinical nurse leaders. Nurses are the one who will be providing patients with chewing gum. Physicians and pharmacist can educate the patients on the need of chewing gum. Clinical nurse leaders can follow up with the patients.

Barriers: The different barriers in conducting this study are 1: patients and their family members and the healthcare workers have less knowledge regarding the need of using chewing gum after surgery. Due to this patient forget to chew gum during their postoperative recovery time. The second barrier was lack of supply. There was not enough chewing gum provided to all the surgical patients in the unit. The third barrier was there was no accurate self-reporting of patients regarding the occurrence of flatus, bowel movements and a return of hunger.